Exploring the wild and womanly nature In danger, of falling apart or fading away Our womanly, wonderful, powerful ways Discovering love without feeling afraid In our beautiful selves, on it as hell Energetically balanced and living so well As our wild and womanly natural selves May 2017

Breaking Up with Your Job

Breaking up is hard!! You’ve had such a steady relationship over the past few years, and although you knew it wasn’t “the thing” long-term, it was still worthwhile to go down that road. I mean, the job pursued you so hard. You weren’t even looking for opportunities when it came along, but sometimes the universe … Continue readingBreaking Up with Your Job

Mission Mae

My mother’s name is Eve, which I always found fitting given how much the woman loves a garden. In the backyard of our Ohio home, she created this unbelievable little escape, where she went organic before it was cool. Along one fence grew a grape vine, beneath it she planted strawberries and tulips that would bloom in … Continue readingMission Mae

I Marched for Very Specific (and lyrical) Reasons

  On Saturday January 21, 2017, what began as a Women’s March on Washington turned into a protest more than 5 million strong in cities all over the world. You bet your ass I marched. As an advocate for victims of sexual violence and defender of women’s rights, this came as a surprise to no one. And … Continue readingI Marched for Very Specific (and lyrical) Reasons