Breaking Up with Your Job


Breaking up is hard!! You’ve had such a steady relationship over the past few years, and although you knew it wasn’t “the thing” long-term, it was still worthwhile to go down that road. I mean, the job pursued you so hard. You weren’t even looking for opportunities when it came along, but sometimes the universe has a way of putting people in your path at precisely the right moment in time. You were courted, the offer was compelling, and that piece of technology was so hot you couldn’t resist.

You came to love it, helped each other grow considerably, but lately things have felt different. You’re disagreeing more, and there is no going back to the honeymoon phase you initially felt, so enamored with one another and working in partnership to build something new and meaningful. Your eyes start to wander, secretly checking out other companies. When your own employer needs your attention, you give it up dispassionately more out of routine than anything else.

Your heart’s just not in it anymore. And as scary as it sounds, you know that you need to move on as soon as possible, rather than prolonging the inevitable. Even if your lease is really fucking expensive. You will figure it out. Do not do anything rash, but look into your heart, listen to your intuition, and put the wheels in motion to create a new path forward.

It is time to break up with your job.


The answers might not always be clear,

But the direction at least should be.

And I know my direction.


Find your True North

By looking inside

Closing your eyes

And quieting your mind

As it fades into darkness

And all your thoughts stop.

Then after a moment

What floats to the top?


That change is in the air,

That it is time.


So with gratitude from a place deep in my heart

New knowledge you taught me

More skills than I started with when you adopted me

Into this clan, I want to thank you as much as I possibly can


To all of my friends, former mentors, and coaches

Though the road is uncertain

I know the approach is to follow my heart

And acknowledge on both of our parts

We’d agree, this is no longer meant to be


So the road is uncertain

But next step is clear

For the time that it was

It was better spent here

Than anywhere else

And thank you again

For all that you’ve taught me

And being my friend


I wish you the best!

I wish you success!

And with love in my heart,

Adios, I am onto the next

Phase of this journey we call life

And I a truly grateful that you have been a part of it



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