I Marched for Very Specific (and lyrical) Reasons



On Saturday January 21, 2017, what began as a Women’s March on Washington turned into a protest more than 5 million strong in cities all over the world. You bet your ass I marched. As an advocate for victims of sexual violence and defender of women’s rights, this came as a surprise to no one. And when people asked me why I marched, this was what I told them:

I march because 1 in 3 statistically

Is what our odds will be

Of experiencing sexual violence or rape

A third of our women will suffer this fate

In the world


And at home

It’s at least 1 in 6 that have known what it’s like

To cover your body and put up a fight

When somebody violates your god-given right

To be sexual ONLY when you so choose

To know what it’s like, to fight with your all,

Stand up to the giant and lose

To know what it’s like to have panic ensue

Adrenaline coursing through muscle tissue

And maybe your instincts will tell you to run

Or to lie there in terror until it is done

Our biology dictates how we’ll react

When we fall victim to unspeakable acts of

Violence against women


The thing is…

It is enjoyable to be sexual

When it is consensual

A woman a man, whatever your jam

The point is it happens when you say it can

And anything else is a crime

Today too many people are crossing the line

It’s the primary reason I march


To empower our women I march

For the right to make choices about my own body

I’ll march and I’ll march and I’ll march

To stand up against racist regimes and remarks

I will march and I’ll march and I’ll march


On a personal level I march

Because I survived after falling apart,

When a man whose advances I did not invite

Robbed me of something so precious in life

And poisoned my body with fear

A traumatic event that stayed with me for years

Then after too many nights of feeling afraid

I set out to reprogram my brain to be brave

Until it became a habit

Today I’m a confident pussy and you cannot grab it

‘Cause I’m grabbing life by the balls

I’ll be shattering ceilings while you’re building walls

And for that very reason I march

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